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Lena / Our website

I highly recommend this website. I bought Dale (now Gus) from here and he is very healthy. They were great. Gus is 4 months old and he passed all vet checkups with flying colors. Also, he has an amazing temperament and is a very sweet boy. If you are looking for an adorable addition to your family, California Breeder Club comes highly recommended.

Higgin / Our website

I was looking for a beautiful beagle puppy and came across Oscar a beagle puppy. He’s so adorable and sweet our family just loves him. California Breeder Club was wonderful to work with. We had great communication and they are very informative and easy to work with as I had lots of questions. Love this site and my puppy.

Anita Young / Our website

My mom came across this site after no luck with adoptions and we found Finley, a purebred by Newman Doodle Puppy Home. He’s the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen and a personality to match! We had a great experience! Finley aka Marshmallow is doing great and growing up so fast! I would definitely recommend you.

Erin Griner / Our website

I was recommended by our good friends. We had a great experience with California Breeder Club. The process was professional and easy, We picked up the puppy in good condition. You guys were very helpful even after our sui puppy was home with us the first week, especially making sure we obtained the same food that the sire used to eat. I highly recommend this site.

Jeanne Greene / Our website

I got my puppy from this website and she is beautiful. Very healthy I brought her to the vet twice so far for check-ups and shots and she checks out perfect. She is a great baby !!!thanks

Theresa Kirby / Our website

We would like to describe our experience with California Breeder Club as well worth it! At Caesar’s initial checkout, our Veterinarian was impressed by his overall care and condition. We truly love our puppy and our experience with California Breeder Club has been amazing! I’ll refrain from mentioning that we do not need another one! LOL!

Ericka . T / Our website

A truly great experience! Great communication via emails phone calls and texts. Always ready to talk to me no matter what the question was. Extremely pleased with transaction. Everything was awesome. Again great communication!

Rhode / Our website

I believe there is no better place to get a puppy other than California Breeder Club. They kept me so up to date on my puppy with pictures. Our vet even backs the Shipley’s for producing such well tempered and healthy dogs. Thanks California Breeder Club, I can’t wait for another puppy

Recardo . W / Our website

Thank you for blessing me and my family with these wonderful dogs! It’s been around 2 months since we got Pyro and Jemy. They bring us so much joy! They  learned how to play catch instead of dropping the ball. Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful dog!

Natasha and David / Our website

Thought you would like to see how Gaia and Asa’s pup turned out! He was born Sept. 30 2018. His name was “ Imagine”. Now it’s Gunner. He looks just like Gaia and is ball, stick or just plain any toy CRAZY. We get compliments on him everywhere we go. He is so beautiful ! He goes to the dog park 4 times a week and is great with all other dogs. We just wanted you to see how good looking he is! Hope all is well with you guys!

Kelly Shan / Our website

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for our puppy .The baby have been such a wonderful addition to our little family. Your professionalism and wisdom on “Dachshund” has really helped our family settle in with our beautiful dogs. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is looking to buy a Dachshund pup should really consider.

Lilian Nicole / Our website

So far our Jersey has been so good to us. She just graduated from Puppy Training class and was the popular pup in the class and in Pet Smart. She had a lot of fans no doubt. She loves the snow. She also has a best friend, Boris, right across the street and they get to play and go on walks daily when the weather is cooperating.

Morgan Bella / Our website

Glen Coco was the perfect addition to our family, and Stephanie’s hard work during his first 8 weeks really showed! Kennel training was such an easy process thanks to the training Stephanie put into her pups. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to help make our dog dreams come true!

Moses Kevin / Facebook Reviews
We were recommended to this website and we are so pleased we used it. It’s easy to use and really interesting to read all the helpful advice. Well done team. We were so sorry to read a bad review that obviously came from someone who did not follow your advice and the website rules and tried to blame you for their incompetence.
We are now the proud owners of a beautiful English bulldog puppy and we found it very easy to deal with the breeder. Thanks you California Breeder Club
Gladys Eyung / Facebook Reviews
What a fantastic site. I have been looking for a new furry friend for a long time now and californiabreederclub.shop made it happen! I was looking for a medium sized dog and found the dog specification pages extremely helpful, along with the blogs that provided useful information as to what I might get myself into should I choose a particular breed or size ! Californiabreederclub.shop made it happen and I now can recommend them for a thorough trusted service !
Demetria Colombo / Facebook Reviews

It is much faster now. Would be nice to see more puppies on there but I found what I was looking for. Thank you so much for giving me joy again

David Hotrad / Facebook Reviews
Thank you so much californiabreederclub.shop for your website. We have managed to find an amazing puppy and the seller was so easy to deal with. Would certainly recommend you.
Derek V. Spence / Facebook Reviews
Great site with lots of information about the dogs and advice on how to use the website itself to interact with the breeders or owners. There is also the added bonus of all the articles with useful topics ranging from “Newborn puppies socialisation” to “things you need to know about senior dogs”.